How To Make a Trellis From A “T Post”

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T post trellis is best for setting a single trellis in a house or a small home garden. This is what they are majorly popular for among consumers. However the same can also be said for buying fences that will support acres of grapevines. The best thing about T posts is that they can be simply inserted in to the ground. All you need is a post hole driver – it resembles a pipe except with a closed end. Depending on what you want to use the trellis for you can use a single strand of wire for the trellis or use a couple of them to give more space for training the grapevines.

  • The first step is that you push in wooden stakes at each end of the area where your T posts will be put up (not at each point where you will drive the t posts). Now you need to attach a string to each of the wooden stakes creating a frame of the entire vineyard area that will be covered.
  • The second step is to mark the place every 20 feet or so. You can use spray paint or any other material to mark where the T post will go.
  • It is time that you install the T posts over these markers.The right way to install T posts is that you need to set the T posts into the ground up until the point when the ground anchor plate is no longer visible and is stuck firmly in the ground.
  • Now you need to insert earth anchors into the dirt at approximately 45 degree angle from the outside of the end posts.
  • The next step is to pull a strand of 12 ½ gauge high tensile wire across the row. You need to hold the wire around 2 to 4 inches towards the posts. The end of the wires will then have to be wound around the hooked ends of the earth augers so that the wire is steady.
  • You will need a wire tensioning device now. Use this to match the wire to 250 pounds. You can fit the device on the wire and then pump or twist the tensioner until you reach the desired 250 pounds. If you want to avoid the guess work you should get a wire tensioner with a built in gauge.
  • Now attach the wire to the T posts with T post wire clips starting from one end of the fence. Push a wire clip in from the V shaped side so the hooks face the open side of the posts.
  • Remember to insert wire clips to stick the wire to all the other T posts.

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